Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in Canada?

Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in Canada?


Choosing a place to live in Canada can be an exciting yet challenging decision. With its diverse landscapes, thriving cities, and high quality of life, Canada offers a plethora of options for individuals and families looking for a new home. However, cost of living is a crucial factor to consider. In this article, we will explore the cheapest places to live in Canada, highlighting their affordability, amenities, and overall appeal.

I. Affordable Canadian Cities:

1. Windsor, Ontario:
– Located across the border from Detroit, Michigan, Windsor offers lower housing costs compared to other major Canadian cities.
– Enjoy the benefits of a vibrant arts scene, excellent healthcare facilities, and a relatively low unemployment rate.
– Windsor is an ideal choice for individuals seeking affordable housing without compromising quality of life.

2. Sherbrooke, Quebec:
– Nestled in the stunning Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke boasts a low cost of living and affordable real estate prices.
– Enjoy a rich cultural scene, numerous parks and green spaces, and access to top-notch education and healthcare facilities.
– Sherbrooke offers an excellent balance between affordability and quality of life.

3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:
– Known for its friendly community atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, Saskatoon offers affordable housing options.
– Enjoy a lower cost of living, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and a robust job market.
– Saskatoon is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability and a strong sense of community.

II. Budget-Friendly Rural Areas:

1. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia:
– Embark on a peaceful island living experience without breaking the bank.
– Cape Breton Island offers stunning natural beauty, affordable housing, and a close-knit community.
– Experience a slower pace of life, breathtaking landscapes, and a lower cost of living.

2. Prince George, British Columbia:
– Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Prince George offers affordable housing and a lower cost of living.
– Enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and fishing, while still having access to urban amenities.
– Prince George is an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts seeking an affordable lifestyle.

III. Budget-Conscious Provinces:

1. New Brunswick:
– New Brunswick boasts a lower cost of living compared to other provinces in Canada.
– Enjoy affordable housing options, scenic landscapes, and a multitude of outdoor recreational activities.
– New Brunswick’s affordability, coupled with its natural beauty, makes it an attractive choice for those on a budget.

2. Manitoba:
– Manitoba offers affordable housing options, particularly in its capital city, Winnipeg.
– Enjoy a vibrant cultural scene, diverse culinary experiences, and a strong sense of community.
– Manitoba provides an affordable lifestyle without sacrificing amenities and opportunities.


Finding the cheapest place to live in Canada is a balance between affordability and quality of life. From the vibrant city of Windsor to the serene Cape Breton Island, Canada offers numerous options for those seeking an affordable lifestyle. Whether you prefer a bustling urban environment or a tranquil rural setting, there is a place in Canada that suits your budget and preferences. Consider the cities and provinces mentioned in this article as you embark on your quest to find the perfect, affordable home in Canada.

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