What to eat with braces the first week

What to eat with braces the first week

What to Eat with Braces the First Week: A Comprehensive Guide

Braces: they’re a rite of passage for a number of teenagers and are becoming increasingly popular among adults who want straight, well-aligned teeth. While the benefits of braces are easy to appreciate, navigating dietary restrictions – particularly during the initial stages – can feel bewildering. “What to eat with braces the first week?” is a question that stands top of the list for newcomers in the braces fraternity.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on what to eat with braces in the first week. It is designed to take you through the kinds of foods that are beneficial and those that you need to avoid to promote the effectiveness of your braces and reduce discomfort.

Introduction to Life with Braces

Getting braces doesn’t just alter your smile; it changes your dietary choices, at least for a while. Also, the first week after braces installation can be the most challenging, as it comes with sensitivity, discomfort, and a feeling of unfamiliarity in the mouth. The mouth must adjust to this foreign object, and eating gets tricky.

Luckily, adhering to a braces-friendly diet, especially in the first week, not only minimizes your discomfort but protects your braces and accelerates the realignment process. Let’s explore some of the food options to consider.

Soft Foods: Your New Best Friend

Soft foods are your best buddies during your first week with braces. These are appealing as they require minimum chewing and won’t damage the delicate brackets or wires.

1. Smoothies: Fruit smoothies combined with milk or yogurt make a delicious, well-balanced meal, particularly at breakfast. Mix your favorite fruits for an instant, gentle-on-braces meal. Try some spinach or kale for added nutritional benefits.

2. Mashed Potatoes: The soft, creamy texture of mashed potatoes makes it a perfect option for someone with new braces.

3. Grains and Pasta: Opt for well-cooked grains and pasta. They are easy to chew and hardly ever get stuck in your braces.

4. Soups: Warm, not hot, soups can help soothe tender gums and give you ample nutrition.

Fruits and Veggies: The Gentle Way

Having braces fitted does not mean bidding goodbye to fruit and greens. However, the way you prepare fruits and vegetables makes a difference.

1. Steamed Vegetables: Steam your favorite vegetables until they’re soft enough to eat without much chewing.

2. Apple Sauce: This is an excellent alternative to biting into a hard apple.

3. Avocados: These are naturally tender and a powerhouse of nutrients.

Protein Sources

1. Eggs: Be it scrambled, boiled or even in an omelette, eggs make for a great soft food option.

2. Soft Cooked Chicken or Fish: Cook your meat until it’s tender enough to break apart without much effort.

3. Beans and Lentils: These are rich in protein and fiber, and can be cooked until they’re extremely soft.

What to Avoid

Now that you know what to eat with braces the first week, here is a bite-sized list of foods you need to stay away from:

1. Hard and Crunchy Foods: This category includes nuts, seeds, popcorn, and chips.

2. Chewy Foods: Bubble gum, bagels, hard rolls.

3. Sticky Foods: Caramels, gummy candies, and the likes should be a no-no.

4. Food that requires biting into: Corn on the cob, whole apples, and carrots.


Braces are a major investment in your smile and overall oral health. As such, diet in the first week after getting them crosses over from merely fulfilling physiological needs to playing an essential role in ensuring oral health. Ensuring that you actively control what you eat during this period will kick-start your journey to a pleasant braces experience.

Embrace soft foods and plenty of fluids during this period. Also remember, these dietary restrictions are temporary. Once your mouth adjusts to the braces (usually in a week or two), you can gradually return to your regular diet. However, remember to always eat mindfully. After all, safeguarding your braces is crucial for the best final result – a dazzling, straight smile!

So, fear not the question, ‘What to eat with braces in the first week?’. This guide answers that in style, allowing you to march forward with confidence in your journey towards a beautiful smile.

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