CONCACAF 2022 World Cup Qualifying: Schedule, standings, TV for soccer Octagonal

CONCACAF 2022 World Cup Qualifying: Schedule, standings, TV for soccer Octagonal

The third of 14 matchdays in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying is taking place on Wednesday, Sept. 8 and the games feature teams under real pressure to obtain results.

The USA (5th on 2pts) hopes to avoid another slow start in World Cup qualifying by winning in Honduras (4th on 2pts), which will be no easy task. After its draw on U.S. soil on Sunday, Canada (3rd on 2pts) is banking on a home win against a defensively stout El Salvador side (6th on 2pts). Closing out September with five points from a possible nine would represent a strong start for a Canadian side bidding to make its first World Cup since 1986.

Panama (2nd on 4pts) hosts Mexico (1st on 6pts) in a battle of the top two teams in the region. El Tri is the only perfect team in qualifying thus far with two wins from its first two games. The bottom two teams go at it in Costa Rica (7th on 1pt) with Jamaica (8th on 0pts) seeking its first points of qualifying. A third successive defeat might be too big a hole for the Reggae Boyz to climb back from.

The top three teams earn a direct berth to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, while the fourth-place team advances to an intercontinental playoff. The first standings tiebreakers are (1) goal difference, (2) goals scored and (3) most points obtained from matches between teams that are tied. The full list of tiebreakers follows below.

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Standings & Results

1. Mexico6220031+2
2. Panama4210130+3
3. Canada22002220
4. Honduras22002110
5. USA22002110
6. El Salvador22002000
7. Costa Rica1201101-1
8. Jamaica0202015-4

Matchday 1

Thurs, Sept. 2, 2021Canada 1, Honduras 1Highlights
Thurs, Sept. 2, 2021Panama 0, Costa Rica 0Highlights
Thurs, Sept. 2, 2021Mexico 2, Jamaica 1Highlights
Thurs, Sept. 2, 2021El Salvador 0, USA 0Highlights

Matchday 2

Sun, Sept. 5, 2021Jamaica 0, Panama 3Highlights
Sun, Sept. 5, 2021Costa Rica 0, Mexico 1Highlights
Sun, Sept. 5, 2021El Salvador 0, Honduras 0Highlights
Sun, Sept. 5, 2021USA 1, Canada 1Highlights

Matchday 3

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Wed, Sept. 8, 2021Canada vs. El Salvador7:30 p.m. Paramount+
Wed, Sept. 8, 2021Panama vs. Mexico9:05 p.m. Paramount+
Wed, Sept. 8, 2021Costa Rica vs. Jamaica9:05 p.m.TelemundofuboTV, Paramount+
Wed, Sept. 8, 2021Honduras vs. USA10:05 p.m.UniversofuboTV, Paramount+

Matchday 4

DateMatchTime (ET)TV ChannelsStream
Thurs, Oct. 7, 2021USA vs. Jamaica7:30 p.m.  
Thurs, Oct. 7, 2021Honduras vs. Costa Rica8:05 p.m. Paramount+
Thurs, Oct. 7, 2021Mexico vs. Canada10:15 p.m. Paramount+
Thurs, Oct. 7, 2021El Salvador vs. Panama10:35 p.m. Paramount+

Matchday 5

DateMatchTime (ET)TV ChannelsStream
Sun, Oct. 10, 2021Jamaica vs. Canada6:05 p.m. Paramount+
Sun, Oct. 10, 2021Costa Rica vs. El Salvador6:05 p.m. Paramount+
Sun, Oct. 10, 2021Mexico vs. Honduras6:30 p.m. Paramount+
Sun, Oct. 10, 2021Panama vs. USA9:05 p.m. Paramount+

Matchday 6

DateMatchTime (ET)TV ChannelsStream
Wed, Oct. 13, 2021USA vs. Costa Rica7 p.m.  
Wed, Oct. 13, 2021Canada vs. Panama7:30 p.m. Paramount+
Wed, Oct. 13, 2021Honduras vs. Jamaica8:05 p.m. Paramount+
Wed, Oct. 13, 2021El Salvador vs. Mexico10:35 p.m.CBSSNfuboTV , Paramount+

Matchday 7

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Nov. 2021Canada vs. Costa RicaTBDTBD
Nov. 2021Honduras vs. PanamaTBDTBD
Nov. 2021El Salvador vs. JamaicaTBDTBD
Nov. 2021USA vs. MexicoTBDTBD

Matchday 8

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Nov. 2021Canada vs. MexicoTBDTBD
Nov. 2021Costa Rica vs. HondurasTBDTBD
Nov. 2021Panama vs. El SalvadorTBDTBD
Nov. 2021Jamaica vs. USATBDTBD

Matchday 9

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Thurs, Jan. 27, 2022Honduras vs. CanadaTBDTBD
Thurs, Jan. 27, 2022USA vs. El SalvadorTBDTBD
Thurs, Jan. 27, 2022Costa Rica vs. PanamaTBDTBD
Thurs, Jan. 27, 2022Jamaica vs. MexicoTBDTBD

Matchday 10

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Sun, Jan. 30, 2022Canada vs. USATBDTBD
Sun, Jan. 30, 2022Honduras vs. El SalvadorTBDTBD
Sun, Jan. 30, 2022Mexico vs. Costa RicaTBDTBD
Sun, Jan. 30, 2022Panama vs. JamaicaTBDTBD

Matchday 11

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Wed, Feb. 2, 2022El Salvador vs. CanadaTBDTBD
Wed, Feb. 2, 2022USA vs. HondurasTBDTBD
Wed, Feb. 2, 2022Mexico vs. PanamaTBDTBD
Wed, Feb. 2, 2022Jamaica vs. Costa RicaTBDTBD

Matchday 12

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Thurs, March 24, 2022Costa Rica vs. CanadaTBDTBD
Thurs, March 24, 2022Panama vs. HondurasTBDTBD
Thurs, March 24, 2022Jamaica vs. El SalvadorTBDTBD
Thurs, March 24, 2022Mexico vs. USATBDTBD

Matchday 13

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Sun, March 27, 2022Canada vs. JamaicaTBDTBD
Sun, March 27, 2022Honduras vs. MexicoTBDTBD
Sun, March 27, 2022El Salvador vs. Costa RicaTBDTBD
Sun, March 27, 2022USA vs. PanamaTBDTBD

Matchday 14

DateMatchTime (TV channels)Stream
Wed, March 30, 2022Panama vs. CanadaTBDTBD
Wed, March 30, 2022Jamaica vs. HondurasTBDTBD
Wed, March 30, 2022Mexico vs. El SalvadorTBDTBD
Wed, March 30, 2022Costa Rica vs. USATBDTBD

How CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying works

Eight nations from the CONCACAF region (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) are competing for three automatic berths to the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the final “octagonal” qualifying round.

The eight countries are facing off in a round-robin format with each team playing the other seven opponents once at home and once on the road. The 14 total matches for each national team began in September 2021 and will wrap up in March 2022. 

The top three finishers will earn automatic berths to Qatar, while the fourth-place team will head to an intercontinental playoff with a final ticket to Qatar on the line. Here are the standings tiebreakers for teams even on points:

  1. Goal difference in all group matches
  2. Most goals scored in all group matches
  3. Most points obtained from group matches between teams concerned
  4. Goal difference from group matches between teams concerned
  5. Most goals scored in group matches between teams concerned
  6. Goals scored away from home (if two teams tied)
  7. Discipline points (based on yellow/red cards)
  8. Drawing of lots by FIFA

The Qatar World Cup will be played from Nov. 21 to Dec. 18, 2022.  



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